Why Are Honda Generators So Expensive?

Why are Honda generators so expensive? This is a major concern for most people who compare the average costs. Since this is a widely-recognized brand, there should also be some reasons behind the higher sales despite the steep cost. Honda generators are worth the money you spend as they are highly reliable in terms of the quality and efficiency of the products. They are also highly versatile, meaning that you can use them for powering up strong appliances as well as sensitive electronic devices. 

The Origin of Honda

The Honda Motor Company entered the market in 1948 with various power products for automobiles and motorcycles. The generators were manufactured first in 1973 considering the extreme weather conditions of the USA and were introduced to the US market accordingly. These generators soon became popular among households due to their higher durability and reliability. Currently, Honda generators are manufactured in eleven countries for the demand worldwide. 

Why Are Honda Generators So Expensive?

Honda generators are quite more expensive than other brands due to additional features and higher quality. Higher the investment, the higher the benefits you receive in the long run. The following aspects make Honda generators more reliable than other brands.

  • The generator engines are highly fuel-efficient.
  • They can securely power up sensitive personal consumer electronics
  • They have a superior, sturdy build with top-shelf material
  • These generators are easy to use, especially with the electric start models.
  • They are super quiet due to noise reduction technologies

Latest Technology

Honda generators are made with the latest technology, which makes them stand out among the others. Modern technological developments are embedded in the products of Honda before any other manufacturer. This was the case when Honda launched its first inverter generator in the late 1980s. Inverters level out the electricity and provide safe power that doesn’t have distortion. Even though certain models do not have inverters included in the design, they are equipped with voltage controllers which serve the same purpose of providing smooth electricity. Thus, wear and tear are minimized in these generators.


Consumers would not want to purchase any product made of cheap gadgets that wear out or break down very quickly. Honda is considered one of the most durable generators in the market. The manufacturers use the best material in designing the components which makes these generators more costly. Since purchasing a generator is a one-time matter for a long time, buyers are willing to pay the price to get a highly durable generator.


The flawless performance of Honda generators has won the trust of consumers. They are highly reliable since these generators run under all circumstances including extreme weather. This is another reason why Honda generators are more expensive than other brands.

Safety Features

Generators can be quite dangerous if mishandled as they generate electricity. Knowing how to handle any generator is very important. This is why all manufacturers introduce safety features in their products. Honda also has additional safety characteristics embedded to maximize the safety provided to the users. Commercial Honda generators have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI feature). This shuts down the power during an accidental situation of water damage or wire breakage where the power is grounded. Honda generators will be shut down so rapidly in just 1/40th of a second.

Quiet Operation

Generators are usually noisy when running as they have heavy-duty engines. They generate a noise level of 70 – 100 dB at a distance of 20 feet. Therefore, this will be very disturbing to both the user and the neighbors. However, Honda provides the quietest generators in the market. They have embedded new mechanisms to reduce the noise levels by greater amounts to avoid discomfort. The maximum noise level of a Honda generator is around 76 dB.


Honda not only manufacturers its own engines but also provides engines for other generator brands. These environmentally friendly 4-stroke engines start and operate smoothly. This updated technology used in the engines is another reason why Honda generators are expensive.

Voltage Regulation

Modern Honda generators come with intelligent automatic voltage regulation technology. This regulates power fluctuations that could damage both the generator and connected appliances. These new technological features increase the reliability of the generator’s performance.


Portable generators are preferred by many users as they can be carried out easily for various requirements. Honda generators are manufactured in special designs for easy transportation. What size portable generator to power 200 amp service? Find the ideal generator to suit your requirement.


All generators should meet the CARB emissions requirements to be eligible for sale. These certifications confirm that the generators are safe to be used anywhere. Honda generators also have OSHA, LA-ETL, and ANSI compliance which only a few manufacturers can keep up to. Thus, Honda generators are quite more expensive due to their higher standards and certifications.

Customer Support

Everyone prefers to go for a brand that provides good customer service after the sale. Most new manufacturers are lethargic in responding to the users’ technical issues. They also run out of spare parts in the market. Honda provides very responsive customer support in attending to the buyer’s requirements. You don’t need to worry about the replacement parts as you can find plenty of dealers and stores across the countries. They provide excellent service in the repair and replacement of the generators. These factors prove the reasons for the question; why are Honda generators expensive?

Are Honda Generators Worth the Money?

As you have learned from the context why are Honda generators so expensive, it is clear that they are worth the investment. But in addition to the above features, there are some specialties that you’ll get with Honda generators. After finding out what these are, you will surely consider this worth the amount you pay.

Easy Start

You will never have to worry about difficulties in starting the generators with Honda. You can start the generator easily with one cord pull unlike in other brands where you need extra effort in pulling the cord.

Bluetooth Connectivity

If the generator is close by, you can conveniently operate the generator using a Bluetooth connection. This will be very useful when running your generator during adverse weather.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Feature

You should never run a generator indoors within a confined space as it emits toxic fumes during operation. Carbon monoxide is one such harmful gas generated by the combustion of fuel. However, if the gas doesn’t get carried away as needed, it could get accumulated in the area imposing a risk. This is why Honda generators come with a built-in carbon monoxide detector known as the CO-Minder. It detects higher carbon monoxide levels and shuts off the generator accordingly.

Clean Energy

Power spikes or surges can directly damage the sensitive electronic components plugged into the generator. You don’t need to worry about this with Honda generators as they use inverter technology. They control the wave frequency, giving a clean power output allowing you to connect your mobile phones, TVs, and computers.

3-Year Warranty

A generous warranty proves that the manufacturer is confident about the product. You can get a warranty of 3 years for Honda generators which guarantees that all issues will be checked within the duration. Some models like Eu10i even have a residential warranty of 4 years and a 1-year commercial warranty.

Excellent Resale Value

This is one important feature that most people are looking for. You will never be disappointed about reselling your Honda generator in case you need to upgrade for something bigger. You can get a good percentage of the original price for a Honda generator. This is because the brand is reputed for high performance for a long time. The interior mechanics and the exterior build will serve their best even for the second or third owners.

Why Are Honda Generators So Quiet?

Honda generators have a very low noise generation compared to other brands. The conventional generators usually generate a lot of noise and shaking during operation. However, the inverter generators have very less vibration even when the engine exceeds 3000 RPM. The three stages of power conversion of inverter generators result in a smoother wave. First, the generated AC is turned to DC and then converted back to AC for the appliances. Thus, the noise output is less disturbing as you will only hear a slight hum. The following technological features are also useful for quiet power generation.


Eco-Throttle allows the engines to run at only the required capacity of the load. This reduces the strain on the 4-stroke engine of the generator. The speed of the engine is determined according to the output needed. Since the generators don’t need to run at full capacity most of the time, this will generate lesser noise and also increase fuel efficiency.


This feature detects larger loads and raises the RPM as necessary. It also helps in managing the fuel consumption by reverting to idle when the load is removed. Most EB and EM models have this feature to facilitate quieter operation.

Are Honda Generators Better Than Champion Generators?

Since both are top sellers in the market of generators, it will not an easy task to figure out the best brand. Champion is also a relatively new brand introduced in 2003, whereas Honda has been in the industry for many decades. These two brands Champion VS Honda generators can be compared depending on the individual needs and power requirements of a customer. If you need a cost-effective option, Champion generators will be slightly better as they are more affordable than Honda. However, if you need a fuel-efficient and silent generator, you need to go for a Honda. This is the bottom line of the overall comparison.

Similarities of Champion and Honda Generators

  • Champion and Honda generators are quiet and ideal for domestic uses and outdoor activities such as camping. However, Honda is quieter comparatively. 
  • Both these brands have inverters as their main technology in the generators.
  • These brands offer conveniently portable generators with less weight and compact design.

Champion VS Honda Generators

Champion GeneratorsHonda Generators
Can use both gas and propane as fuel Wide range of products (102 portable generators and 15 home standby generators) Have more power outlets to run multiple appliances American-madeHave several power stabilization technologies such as iAVR (Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation) technology, CycloConverter technology, and Automatic Voltage Regulator technology. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Honda generator for home use?

Honda EU10i is an ideal generator for running a small refrigerator, TV, computer, and lights at home. You can also try the EU22i Portable Honda generator which is a reliable emergency power supply during a power outage. You can also consider buying a Honda standby generator or a Honda portable diesel generator depending on the load. When purchasing a generator, you will also find it useful to know more about; how long can you run a generator and how long do they last?

Are Honda generators made in China?

The parent company of Honda is based in Japan, where the main assembly of generators happens. They are also made in several other countries including China, the USA, France, India, and Thailand. These generators are then distributed to locations around the world.

Is Honda or Yamaha generator better?

Both are powerful portable generators that you can use for camping and recreational use. Yamaha portable generators are slightly easier to maintain and are comparatively lighter. However, both these generators are quiet with their advanced noise reduction systems. 

What are Honda clone engines?

A clone engine is an exact copy of the Honda engine produced for some other generator brand. There may be slight differences and interchanged items depending on the requirements. Many reputed generator manufacturers use Honda engines in their products.

Who makes Honda generator engines?

Honda generator engines are made by Honda Power Equipment Mfg., LLC (HPE). They produce around 2 million engines per year for both Honda and other manufacturers. In addition to engines, they also produce lawn mowers, pumps, snow blowers, tillers, etc.


Why are Honda generators expensive? You have found the answer to this by now. Since Honda is a highly reputed brand, you will never regret the decision of purchasing from this manufacturer. They are built innovatively with the best material and latest technological developments. It will always be a wise choice to spend a little more on Honda rather than purchasing a cheap product that compromises its quality. 

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